Setting Up Romantic Dates at Home


It is not every day that you can just leave for a romantic getaway. With personal and career demands eating up most of your time, you may have to settle for the occasional vacation that may take weeks or months to arrange. Luckily, you do not have to wait for vacations to enjoy romantic dates with your significant other. You can squeeze in some romance in your daily life regardless of how busy things may get. Here are some ideas to keep the fire burning between you and your partner.

Serve breakfast in bed. Surprise your partner with a scrumptious treat as soon as he wakes up. Prepare breakfast that you could both enjoy together. You can choose to pull out all the stops from time to time by being more creative on what will be on your breakfast-in-bed menu.

Get some workout done together. Invite your partner for an early morning walk in your neighborhood or at a nearby park. Or you can go for a run or practice some yoga at home. If you both go to the gym, arrange to go together and join some of the group classes you may have not tried before.

Go for a picnic…at night. Find a cozy place on your patio or whatever available space you have outside your home to enjoy a picnic at night. Light some candles and prepare some wine or champagne to go with the delicious meal you will share.

Cook something special. Cook a special meal with your partner. Choose something exotic or something you have not both tried before. Put some flowers on the table and some romantic music as you enjoy the dishes you prepared.

Enjoy movie nights. Pick a movie you like or would like to watch again. Cozy up with some delicious snacks. Prepare some wine or cups of hot teas or chocolates. Cuddle up as you simply enjoy the time together.

Step out and watch the stars. When was the last time you gazed at the stars? You might be surprised how pleasant it can be, especially after a stressful day. There is something inherently romantic about stargazing. Make it a habit to step out from time to time at night to simply bask in the quiet and marvel at the beauty of the stars above you.

Give each other a massage. Set up some relaxing home spa and give each other massage after. Get the items you need ahead of time to make the evening even more romantic. Choose some special oils and light some candles as soothing music play in the background. Gently massage each other and feel the stress melt away.

Keeping The Spark Alive

keeping sparks alive

Times change. People change.

But if there’s one thing that shouldn’t change, it’s the love you and your husband have for each other.

How can you prevent your love for your husband from totally changing? How can you prevent your husband’s love for you from totally changing?

Four words: Keep the spark alive.


Here are some ways:

Go on a date every week.

As time passes by, you and your husband would get accustomed to each other’s role in life. But sometimes, as time passes by, you and your husband would get accustomed to each other’s role in life – to the point where both of you somehow forgets about what makes a marriage unique in its own way. So, go on a date every week. Once or twice a week will do, even if you’re just at home with the kids. You see, keeping the spark alive is not a routine. It’s something done with heart, mind, and soul. It’s something done by you, your husband, and the both of you. The key here is connection, as well as just being content with each other – not too accustomed with each other, only content and happy with each other.

Play games like kids.

Keeping the spark alive can also be done by playing games – like when you were kids. Can you remember? How it felt like dancing in the rain? How it felt like chasing each other? I know. It’s something only kids pretty much do. But can you see it? How it makes them free, without hurting each other? How it makes them happy, without compromising each other? That’s what keeps the spark alive – the ability to make things better by just doing things spontaneously, without ever hurting each other or without ever compromising each other. Sure, you can say it will only be a perfect love imperfect relationships kind of marriage after. But you know what? I’m pretty sure you can say it will be a perfect love, imperfect people, and perfect relationships kind of marriage after.

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